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    Hey IGTians,

    its been such a long time...must have been arnd 2 years..since i last posted anything on IGT...i was earlier on IGT with username as god of guitar85......and now after many years thought of loggin in IGT again....couldnt remember my password or it was not accepting it...the account must hve been deactivated or whtever..have no idea...

    so here i am...i created another account this time...hope to be more active this time around..:)

    Since my fav band Metallica is coming to India in Oct and i m damn excited going for the concert...just recorded a acoustic cover version of their song Turn the Page (Originally by Bob Seger)

    here's the link -

    Turn the Page - Vayu (Cover version of Metallica) - YouTube

    check it out guyz and feel free for any comments, suggestions, criticisms if any...and Keep Rocking..\m/

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