tum ho toh,,,,aadat unplugged::plz.comment

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    Wrong links, because you did copy - paste from your previous thread in the Hindi Guitar Tabs section!
    Here are the working links:


    Listened to all your covers and i liked Aadat the most, i think you did a good job. The guitaring seems to be good, it would be better to get comments from the guitarplayers about your guitaring.
    The vocals are good, just some Sur faults here and there as Sukrut already mentioned, you own a good voice, just try to use it the right way, i mean in my opinion you aren't giving yourself the fully 100%, just try to give yourself and it will be a major improvement.
    Overall you are doing a very job and i really enjoyed your covers, keep going man!

    Btw, try to upload your songs on Soundclick.com for example, you can register for free and upload all your songs there, its for IGT-ians more familiar as it works better than rapidshare!

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