tum ho to-rock on cover....

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  1. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member

    hey..yet another cover of this song here... :p ...did this out of boredom but it turned out pretty ok so im posting it here....hope you guys like it too...comments are most welcome....
  2. eureka1986

    eureka1986 New Member

    hey rinky..... great work..... sounds really FANTASTIC..... so far the best cover of this song......gr8 work with the guitar n the vocals.... keep rockin..... ur fans r waitin for more covers.....
  3. catchprashant

    catchprashant New Member

    great recording.........since this type of song require effort in singing n you r having that magic in ur voice.
  4. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member

    thanks a lot eureka and prashant..
  5. shobhit4friends

    shobhit4friends New Member

    hi..funtastic singing i wud say... i wish quality of recording was better..but anyways..better than others atleast singing..

    keep going..

    can u mail me ur recording without guitar..i wud love to play guitar on it..

    mine id is pec.shobhit@gmail.com
  6. kaylash

    kaylash Member

    Just excellent

    Brilliant. It is always a pleasure to listen to you.

  7. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member

    thanks shobhit and kaylash....shobhit i dont have a separate file for the vocals..did both the guitaring and vocals together.....anyway thanks for offering to play for me...
  8. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    well in this cover your voice sounded a bit childish........sorta wafer thin.....this aint you.....a deeper tone would do much better!

    but as always the cover is too good!!!

    i could hear some distortion???:) you palyed with the original??

    and take the high parts in one breath......

    but keep going!

  9. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Very good Rinky, it feels good to hear you sung an Indian song, in my opinion you should sing some more indian songs, don't you think so?
    One thing is your biggest disadvantage, your recordings, try to make some better sounding recordings girl, such a wonderful voice deserves better recordings!!
    Keep posting and take care Rinky!!!
  10. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member

    sukrut:-really?i dint know tht..thanks for pointing tht out...actually i am recovering from a bad viral infection and sore throat...thts why i said i dint really plan to do this cover..it just happened..maybe i ll try and do it again sometime soon...and i dint play it with the original..tht my processor you heard....

    keoraf:- thanks a lot...maybe i ll try n do more hindi stuff in the future... :)
  11. jaydipd.mehta

    jaydipd.mehta New Member

    Good one .. Though original song is in male voice, this song sounds great even with your voice .. Guiatr is also been played nicely ..

    But recording quality needs drastic improvement ... All the best
  12. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member

    thanks jaydip...i wish i cud improve the recording quality.... :(
  13. D_minor7

    D_minor7 New Member

    very nice work rinky....i thought i was a good enough vocalist....i am a bit put off now....u could have tried a false voice u know where...i need to practice...harmonium...tanpura...here i come....!!!!
  14. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member

    lol thanks...
  15. convict_1986

    convict_1986 New Member

    wat a voice.........
  16. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    u used a semi electric connected to a processor?????......

    gud work........u got a reeli nice voice......and da guitaring was good too......except a chord u played a bit wrong on da word (sapnon) cant exactly pin point dat out.......bt overall it was a good effort.......keep up da good work...
  17. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member

    thanks a lot..it was an electric..
  18. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    Well i have heard you sing some english songs and they are really good. Well I feel you were not ur usual self in this song. and yes i too agree that recording wud have been better. But the use of the processor really worked ur way.
    ..try the song Phir dhekiye from the same film. Being a female voice one cant help comparing. and i bet the voice you have this song will work best :)
    Anyways keep the work coming.
  19. absolutely_neo

    absolutely_neo New Member

    nice female version.. i did not like this song in the movie but i liked it in your voice.. english accent kinda influences some places but thats ok.. melody isnt compromised.. in short, you rock!
  20. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member

    thanks so much..himanshu right? i love ur voice too...

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