Tulsi Eric Clapton copy.

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by andystringer83, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. andystringer83

    andystringer83 New Member

    This guitar was made by Tulsi. Its an Eric Clapton Copy. Its a master piece.
  2. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Inline images aren't allowed on the Guitar Gear talk section.
    Upload to imageshack and then link from here.
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Show us the pic, and let us decide.
  4. flashmustain

    flashmustain New Member

    hey..howz da quality of the pickups of tulsi guitars..im gettin one in 10 days...dose ppl givin me lot of problems nd keep pushin da date further nd further cuz deir havin problem wit left handed parts(whammy , shark fins etc)..howz da finish of the guitar nd have dey used gud paint? ..wud be helpful if u cud answer dis
  5. Double Click

    Double Click New Member

    Tulsi does really good work, and the paintjobs and finish are top notch. The fret work could be better though... He takes forever to deliver though!!

    What're the specs u've asked for? How much is he charging?
  6. flashmustain

    flashmustain New Member

    @ Double Click : ok im not sure if ur askin me da question or da guy who started the thread...but on my part...i went for a left handed jackson kelly shape..wit 24 frets...rosewood fretboard..he's using anegre wood for the body..normal tremolo..i wasn't sure of da floyd rose nor do i use da whammy like steve vai :p..but he's unable 2 get a tremolo for left handers he says he will get it after a month..mind u already 15 days were over wen he told me so u can imagine 15 days + another 30 days( i almost lost it wit him)..den i asked him for shark fin inlays nd now it's delayed by another 10 days because deir inlays meant for left handers r takin time 2 come(suprise suprise)..1 tone ..1 volume..da kelly's got 2 humbuckers..so he's usin 2 humbuckers which he claim r gud..sum1 told me he uses J&D pickups or ibanez pickups without da sticker on dem(dat is da same company which manufactures ibanez low end guitar pickups..he get's it from dere but without da ibanez sticker)..pretty standarad configuration..xcept for da shape ..i ordered on march 29 nd told me it wud be ready on april 15 but now it's cumin on may 10 ..:(..i'll put the images of da guitar once i get it..if ever i get it dat is :p..it's 13,500 for da guitar..1800 for hard case nd 800 for courier 2 bangalore from chennai

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