Tulsi custom guitars rocks

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by leopole26, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. leopole26

    leopole26 New Member

  2. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    heard a lot bout them too looking forward to the pics
    i think distorted is getting one tom too
  3. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    Hey!! Looks cool man! with designs in the fretboard :rockon:
  4. Harsh Kumar

    Harsh Kumar The Official IGT Jester

    Fly high man!!
    Looks nice!
    I wanna know how it sounds!!

    Post clips!
  5. distorted

    distorted satan

    Seems to be good... U satisfied wid the paintjob? N who's the man in the last snap? N did u see any progress going on on my guitar?
  6. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    wow thats a beauty awesome paintjob
    how much did u pay?
  7. leopole26

    leopole26 New Member


    paintjob looks amazing dude...btW the guy in the pic is Tulsi Custom shop owner..abt ur guitar i have no idea..i saw couple of guitars..donno which one is urs...anyway u wont regret buyin from tulsi..quality is amazing...
  8. leopole26

    leopole26 New Member


    well it costed me abt 12,750 (includin birdlay, coiltap and the softcase) without the pickups..
  9. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    12,750!!!! HOLY CRAP that looks AMAZING for 12.75k
  10. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    See, I told youhis work is really good. Congrats:beer:...those bird inlays and bound neck are frickin' awesome, I wish he had that kind of ability a few years ago.
  11. Harsh Kumar

    Harsh Kumar The Official IGT Jester

    does your coil tab split one or both pickups?
  12. leopole26

    leopole26 New Member


    dude big thanks to u..if u havent posted those pics..i wouldn't have gone to tulsi..workman ship is awesome brother...thanks to all those tulsi custom owners reviews and suggestions.... btw yeah the bird inlay looks really good...
  13. leopole26

    leopole26 New Member

    @Harsh Kumar
    yeah dude i've taped both the pickups..costed me abot 800 rs for one push pull pot circuit..its worth every penny...
  14. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    And welcome to the TOG (Tulsi-guitar Owner's Group)
  15. Harsh Kumar

    Harsh Kumar The Official IGT Jester

    I can understand man!
    Even i have a double coil tap!

    Post some recordings man!

    n what is the total you had to pay?

    come on man make a brochure or somethin!
  16. leopole26

    leopole26 New Member


    dude he quoted me 11500 first without a softcover..spec follows

    *Guitar body standard lespaul model (flat top)..arch works cost another 3k .. i donno wat wood he used he said sometime its mahagony..white alder..honey grain(ani -grain) some name
    *Maple neck with rosewood fret board
    * Normal strat type bridge..TOM cost another 2000 bucks..
    *chrome turner
    *tulsi stock pickups
    * prs bird inlay (1500 bucks extra)
    *2 volume and 2 tone(with out coil tap)

    after sometime i asked my frnd to get me Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Humbucker Pickup Set (SH2N and SH4) pickups from US..it costed me about 6400 with out taxes...and i gave them to tulsi and he reduced 1000 rs for that..but i gave another 600rs and asked him to split the humbuckers..so

    9000 for the guitar body +1500 for the inlay work+1600 for coiltap+650 for the softcover

    net total i paid 12750 to Tulsi(exculdin the pickups)..but if u are goin with the stock pickups it gonna cost u abt 15k or more... i hope this helps brothers..
  17. leopole26

    leopole26 New Member

    btw about the clips..i don have a amp...i use creative 2:1 pc speaker.. i've to open the volume to full..to get a sound..so i don wanna give a wrong idea by postin those clips..so wait
  18. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    The tone is not gonna change much from what we all have.
    Tulsi usually uses teak wood, and teak wood has been used for ages in India to make musical equipment.

    The only thing you should care about is the sustain.
  19. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    If he is using teak wood, that's just meh. Teak is good for Indian instruments. I did not like the clean tone of the Beast.
  20. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    BTW, an update.
    Yesterday I set upon the task of adjusting the truss rod, to straighten the neck bow (caused by this heat).

    ... and the nut/bolt/screw snapped!

    Can the truss rod be taken out and mended?

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