Tu Hi Junoon Chords from Dhoom 3

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    You're good, the chords are useful, but it would be helpful if you posted a backlink to IGT as well so that more members can benefit from the cross alliance between the 2 sites. Just posting a backlink and redirecting traffic isn't a gentlemanly thing to do.

    Give it a thought. Or we're going to have a structure around such activities,. Help us maintain the freedom of posts, engagement and leveraging, which IGT stands for. :) Else it hardly would've taken us 5 minutes to put a stop to this by locking down with filters.


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    hey, hi.
    Thanks for reply. I will strongly keep that in mind. But what about some other memeber. Like this one View Profile: gcoolboy - Indian Guitar Tabs.
    must reply

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    @Just -

    Good point. All this while, we wanted to keep sharing the knowledge free and believed that it would help everyone to spread joy around.

    But seems like a few individuals are taking undue advantage of this.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic.

    We'll ensure that this does not happen in future and also make sure such elements are weeded out.

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    I was raising this same issue for months in IGT.. but u never listened than.
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    We wanted IGT to be a platform where people could benefit each other. But seems like everyone is not ready for it.

    Anyways, we'll soon change all this :).

    Thanks for bringing it up, and please do report such posts in future.

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