Tsunami relief - Ways to Help

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    Check for details.

    how to help -

    Hotlines for Indians in wave-hit areas

    December 28, 2004 15:30 IST

    The External Affairs Ministry of the Government of India has set up control rooms in New Delhi, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Maldives, Singapore and Malaysia to provide assistance to Indians in the tidal wave-hit areas.

    The Delhi control room will be headed by Additional Secretary Talmiz Ahmed.

    The telephone numbers are: 00-91-23011849/23382248. e-mail: asad@mea.gov.in & psasad@mea.gov.in

    The numbers in other countries:

    Bangkok (Thailand): tel no: 00-662-2604166/2580300-05; fax no: 00-662-2584627/2621740. e-mail: indiaemb@mozart.inet.co.th

    Jakarta (Indonesia): tel no: 00-62-21-5204153, fax no: 00-62-21-5204160; e-mail: eoijkt@indo.net.id & ambindia@indo.net.in

    Colombo: tel no: 00-94-11-2472684/2422788; fax no: 00-94-11-2446403/2448166; e-mail: hoc.colombo@mea.gov.in

    Male (Maldives): tel no: 00-960-324857/323015; fax no: 00-960-324778; e-Mail: hoc.male@mea.gov.in & itm.male@mea.gov.in

    Singapore: tel no: 00-65-90262594/97536565.

    Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): tel no: 00-603-20953369 e-mail: highcomm@po.jaring.my & fsch@po.jaring.my
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    Thank you very Much

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    We commend your efforts to help the affected learningguitar2. I'll try to do my bit in helping the people.......and oh yes, IGT rocks:rock:
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