Truss Rod?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by sidtheimmortal, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. sidtheimmortal

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    Hi!...what is this truss rod guys?(plz dont get angry on me!...)..........when do u know ur guitar's truss rod needs adjustment and how to adjust it?...and how much does it affects the sound of an electric Guitar?.........plz help!
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    see truss tod is a iron rod inside d neck of ur guitar....its purpose is to make sure that ur neck remains straight...well every guitar has a truss rod[with some rare exceptions] and to adjst is u need to find a triangle shape plastic cover in d headstock of ur guitar[ where u tune d string]....wen u find dat opn it n u will fing d truss rod.....u mite need a special type of wrinch to adjust it.....turning it anticlockwise or vice versa ur guitar neck will bend either forwards or backwards. i would recommened that u take it to a professional to get that adjusted. it is turned to get rid of fret buzz[ i adjusted mine cos of this] and to adjust d action[ the distance between d strings and d fret board].......hope dis was helpful enough
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    ok sid the truss rod..
    now u see the neck of the guitar bears the tension of six steel strings,so sometimes due to tension it gets curved(a bow shape) .

    and this curve raises the height of the strings,and also the uneven surface of the fretboard causes one or two strings to create a buzzing sound.

    so the solution of the problem is a "truss rod"
    it is metal rod with screw windings at one end, it is tightened with a "allen key" if u turn it clockwise it produces an opposing force to that of the pull of the strings. and if turned anti-clockwise it releases the tension.

    *please note that the truss rod is not used to adjust the is merely a maintainence tool.

    #ACTION- the height of the strings from the fretboard

    don't know much about electric guitars , but truss rod does not effect the sound it merely keeps the fretboard straight.
  4. alpha1

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    Check along the length of the guitar, by keeping the bridge end near your eyes, and seeing along the fretboard towards the head.

    If you see a huge bend, then it sure needs adjustment.

    Slight bow is desirable - and it is yuour skill that tells whether the boiw is normal or abnormal (and hence requires adjustment)

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