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    wrote a few lines cople of yrs back ,the last i wrote ....wanted to share wid u hope u like it....

    endearing voice and sparkling eyes
    dazzling minds of unearthly wise
    in time dim down tremble and falter

    don't be smitten by a face , or drown in those eyes
    drool over a smile , and a kiss never prize
    for they rust ,they rot ,alas they wither
    as the sun n moon replace each other..

    you ask then "what do u love?why do u do?"
    but is a reason necessary ? i ask u.
    coz reasons die does not.
    As smoke which fades while the flame burns hot
    of sense and ground let ur passion be free
    so u have always and ever
    the same "no reason" whatsoever
    to love ,adore ,to dote upon me...............

    the wordplay may be a tad simple but in my own opinion the stuff has meaning
    do tell me what u pl think......
  2. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Nice, quite interesting. Good work, keep it up.

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