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  1. Sohrab_khan

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    hey dudes... wanna really hear smthng tht was made in pakistan and smthng tht is quite hard to tab ? well then u`re in for a feast... just check out the song named Aag.. i`m the leas singer and the rhythm guitarist.. its from my band.. my second song actually...:dance:
    you can get it from ===> the name is Aag... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    this is the
    copy and paste it on your browser...
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    Good Job man..Every thing was Cool..Wah wah was Damn good ;)...but 1 think i didn't liked and that is LYRICS...
    Lyrics are not unique You can say the lyrics are like u heard this Poetry :D "Dabey main daba,dabey main ........" the lyrics were like that:p:
    But Music was So Good... SO reps on ur way..and nextime,Give Much time to lyrics;)

  3. s/ash

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    Nice Mate !!
  4. Sohrab_khan

    Sohrab_khan 6stringz luva!!

    faiqrock... i`ll keep that in mind... thanks for that... and thnx to u two s/ash

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