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    Wishbone Music.

    TOUCHBASS is a platform for bands/ artists that represent any corporate entity. All participants are required to carry relevant ID at the venue on the day of the concert. Mixed corporate bands are allowed at the discretion of the organiser.

    There is a non- refundable registration fee of RS 5000 (Rupees Five thousand) per band. The music event is non- competitive.

    This year there are two categories – Indian Music and Western Music.

    Solo entries for Indian classical and Western classical will be charged only RS 2500 as registration fee. Participants in this category are requested to contact Wishbone Music well in advance with regard to the kind of instrument being used and any other technical specifications regarding preferred method of amplification and signal processing.

    Each corporate is entitled to 100 passes (irrespective of the number of entries) that will be given to the representatives of the band.

    The best cheering team takes home the most coveted and highly sought after “Cup of Cheer”. The best cheering team will be judged on the following parameters: Creative slogan chanting, use of mascot and anything out of the box that cheers the participating members and confirms solidarity.

    A maximum of 2 + 1 entries is allowed per corporate. 2 entries in the band/ group music category and 1 entry in the Classical music category. Entries on a first-come- first- served basis.

    Registration for the De Rack O Brain quiz is RS 2500 per corporate irrespective of the number of teams. A maximum of 2 persons per team is allowed. All team members to carry ID. Winners get prizes in cash and kind.

    Registration for Antakshri is RS 1000 per team. A maximum of 3 teams are allowed per corporate. Each team cannot have more than 2 people. Winners get prizes in cash and kind.

    All payments to be made in favor of ‘Wishbone Music’. Last date for registration is April 25th. No queries will be entertained thereafter.
    TOUCHBASS receives extensive media attention, both television and print media. What the participants are on stage and at the venue pretty much reflects on the kind of company/ corporate you belong to. So, shine!!

    Free entry passes will de distributed to audiences for all events.

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