Top 21st Century Metal Songs

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by sgt.misery, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. sgt.misery

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    No. 50: Behemoth, ‘At the Left Hand ov God’ – Top 21st Century Metal Songs

    ^ this is the list put out by loudwire couple of weeks back. Although there sure were a handful of bands I had never heard of but definitely an amazing list. I was real overjoyed to find Necrophagist in the list(no. 26). Also there were some of my most favorite bands like Trivium, Revocation, Pantera, Children Of Bodom, Shadows Fall, As I Lay Dying etc who made it to the list. The only disappointment I thought were there was no Nevermore or Megadeth in the list. But anyways check it out.
  2. tirtha2chester

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    No Megadeth?
    The website is shit...
  3. sgt.misery

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    yeah man i was really pissed off too when they didnt include Megadeth....I mean I definitely expected Dialectic Chaos/Sudden Death/Burnt Ice or any other song from Endgame to be there...Same with Nevermore..The spawned some of the best metal albums of the 21st century... But apart from that the list sure did include some real great bands who dont get much mainstream attention...
    SLAYER is there though :D
  4. tirtha2chester

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  5. sgt.misery

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    for me Megadeth>=Slayer>Metallica(old)>Anthrax>>>>>>>Metallica(new)
  6. alpha1

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    *My list is better than yours*
  7. Morbid_Angel

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    lol some of these are so full of shit

    but still decent list they included necrophagist, meshuggah, isis and pig destroyer m/
  8. john23

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    For me Metallica, Kiss and AC/DC

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