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    It hurts so much tonight.
    Like it hasn't hurt in years.
    I've given up the fight
    I'm releasing all my tears.
    I've held this in so long.
    I can't hold it anymore.
    Soon it will gone?
    Then what am I still crying for?
    I should have never let it start.
    But now it rips my soul apart.
    Soon I will be freed of this?
    Will I EVER have such bliss?
    What if I remember it?
    Will the flame be once more lit?
    Will I ever get it out?
    All this pain I cry about
    I toss and turn in my bed.
    cry until my eyes turn red
    It hurts so very much tonight.
    Hurt this much? This can't be righ
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    just another nite

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