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  1. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    If anyone learning guitar (with regular practice) for more than six months and still looking for tabs for your fav songs to play? It means, u are not going in right direction on your learning. Is anyone in that situation?
  2. cibhin

    cibhin New Member

    Yes please... TEll me..What should i do..?
  3. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Hope you guys know that Every song belongs to either Major or Minor.

    You can play the same song in 12 different scales (C, C#, D, D#, .... A#,B)

    So any major scale song you can play in C major scale. Notes are C D E F G A B C. But sometimes it may sound low or high depends on the original song.

    Similarly any minor scale song you can play in A minor scale. Notes are A B C D E F G A.

    Lets start with C Major scale.

    Try this video

    Practice the fingering exercise as shown in the video and in addition try different permutation combination without changing the finger-fret position.

    C D E F G A B C (ascending)
    C B A G F E D C (descending)
    C E D F E G F A G B A C (asc & desc)
    C D E D E F EF G F G A G A B A B C (asc and desc).
    And any kind of combination u can think of. Keep doing this exercise for atleast two weeks.

    C Major chord notes are 1 3 5 i.e., C E G. The starting note of the song would be C or E or G.

    Easy song for practice is "Happy Birthday to you" with C as starting note. You should be able to play the whole song, if not, practice the above exercise over and over. If u are able to play, u are ready for the next song on your own.

    Let me know how it works, before we go for minor scale.
  4. cibhin

    cibhin New Member

    Thanks it helped me. So the thing is i wanna memorise the fretboard. Any tips for that....
  5. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Key thing is not memorizing the fret board. Key thing is, finger position on the frets as shown in the video. You are taming your fingers and ears to find the next note u want, by doing the exercises to play the scale connecting all 4 octaves up and down with or without seeing the fret board.
  6. cibhin

    cibhin New Member

    Thank you i ll start today :)
  7. guitarissts

    guitarissts New Member

    guitar lessons

    I would like to learn what that other 2/3 of the guitar neck is to play in my guitar lessons but i don't have any idea where to begin...Any suggestions??
  8. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Generally speaking, Frets 1 to 7 sounds good for chords. Frets 7 to 15 sounds good for lead. Rest of the frets you may need, when u have to play high pitch notes. Playing scale exercises will tell u where to begin for each scale.

    Here is the E Major scale:

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