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    How do I find the time signature by just listening to the song? I know what signatures like 4/4 , 6/8 etc. mean technically but find it difficult to recognize the complex time signatures as used by progressive bands like DT, Yes etc. as they change every few bars. Is it by only listening to the accents? Well its possible to accent off-beat...And what about songs like answers(dr. vai)?where each player seems to be going his own way but the overall effect - astounding. Just too confusing. hell is it even necessary to learn to count in music and just play ur feel of rhythm.
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    Generally there is a drone element in every song which you can latch on to....it may be the bass, the drums or the rhythm guitar. Try to follow the drone and you'll get the time sig in a jiffy (if you know how to count ;)) DT does have some complex songs like Dance of Eternity where it is difficult to trace the time signatures...but I guess you can work it out with some effort.....you can also listen to Pain of Salvation and Porcupine Tree for good time sig variations....Porcupine Tree is a great band to start with transcribing time sigs.....the drummer or bass player generally provide the drone and you can figure out the timings pretty easily....

    Most time sigs can be figured out......except if you are listening to Meshuggah... ;)
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    will try porcupine tree.
    how does the drone help? How do you spot the start of a measure?

    Some friends pointed out that the impossible drum roll in Pull Me Under(studio) has an error in timing. They slowed it down and lectured me but I was left :confused:. Someone en-:Lighten: me on this...

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