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    standing on the pathway
    looking at you ...waiting for you
    to turn and give a look while leaving my hand

    just few weeks before we had
    new beginnings with new hopes
    nothing sort of lingering from past,
    promise of being turned into big
    with a sort of some mission to reach
    the goal of completeness.....
    the luckiest break i could have asked for......

    the wholesome package of brain and beauty
    in the form of human ...the empress
    boss in the relationship,
    willpower and analytically brilliant.
    you are the centre fold of my dreams....

    suddenly the seriousness
    took the wrong turn creating the space
    and losing the sense of humour
    realising the relationship
    reaching the point of no return....

    struggling to know what exactly happned
    believing to see from correct angle
    when really i am confused and mistaken
    giving the time to reassess
    that seems unpredicatable at times
    and full of ideas that amount to nothing..

    losing the faith in someone i trust
    thinking as end of encounter
    that destiny wrote for me
    i need to swim with the tide
    rather than resist what seems to be inevitable
    even this is painful at this time
    may be blessing in disguise
    giving away old order way to the new....

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    good yaar
    reps added
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