Thmbi Vaa Malayalam song-Tabs

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  1. Edatharam

    Edatharam New Member

    Song:Thumbi Vaa
    Tabbed By:E E V

    Hi guys this is a classical mal song from the 80's.plz try it and share
    your valuable comments and suggestions.Also requesting all other
    malayalis in the forum to post more mallu tabs and chords.

             thumbi vaa thumbakudatil thunchathai unjalidam.........
            aakasha..................sorry dont knw the lyrics correctly
    Hope you enjoyed it.That's all guys see ya later.
  2. fais424

    fais424 New Member


    Good to see tabs of malayalam songs.. Great work dude.. Hope u will post more such malayalam tabs in near future...
  3. mk_sheby

    mk_sheby New Member

    A classic work from done it well mate.

    Thanks for posting.
  4. Edatharam

    Edatharam New Member

    Thank you guys for your support&encouragement.
    rgds eev
  5. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_


    try this correction
  6. vampire_swami

    vampire_swami New Member

    good work.. am a mallu and i was sad when i found that there is no mlayalam thread in this forum.. but now am happy.. good work bro :)
  7. sree.rock

    sree.rock New Member

    keep Goingggggg

    Nice 2 c a malayalam songs hear............

    a lot of thanXX dude.....and gr8 work tooooo
  8. prabhasuresh

    prabhasuresh New Member

    Hello Gentleman,
    Could you please post the rest of this song also? It is a good starter for the new guys like me..and when very far from home town.. Please..
  9. crazytabs

    crazytabs New Member

    very good job...............................
  10. ajith_124

    ajith_124 New Member

    superb..thanks a lot!!
  11. vishi1966

    vishi1966 New Member

    thanks and good work sachin...waiting for the rest of the song as well as other old malayalam classics..

    thanks once again

  12. ny_1618

    ny_1618 New Member

    Awesome guys, Ilayaraaja at his best. appreciate dis work man...
  13. nishadmk

    nishadmk New Member

    please help me

    haii friends.. i would like to learn guitar.where i can find easy indian guitar lessons. suggest me whether it is possible? i dont know anything abt guitar.looking forward to hear.Regards
  14. sreenuisbusy

    sreenuisbusy New Member

    gud wrk

    nice job......
  15. 9884665569

    9884665569 New Member

    thank yooo
  16. Karthicksid

    Karthicksid New Member


    Can any body post the tabs for "Kaakai Siraginile Nandalala" song.

    I am searching this song for long days.

    Please post the tabs guys.


    R. KarthicK
  17. Sumeshks

    Sumeshks New Member

    Gr8 Work Dude... :)

    Can u provide the Chords of the song Please
  18. Shaan Nix

    Shaan Nix New Member


    gr8 work.. dude...
  19. phycogui

    phycogui New Member

    thnks chetaaa..ho my first malayalam song :)
  20. indiaguitarboy

    indiaguitarboy New Member

    Guitar chords


    I seems that chords havent for full songs. Some chords are missing . for example

    Lala..Lala... , I cannot see the chord for that line. When I am reading in Guitar , I feel some line are missing .

    Please reply

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