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    hi everyone.

    old timers may remember me. I am jamhead - used to frequent the CC lounge once.

    Now i am in usa doing further studies.

    i hear india is gearing up for its election. looks like its gigolo time - rahul gandhi may win. so much for democracy. its almost like a monarchy - where only one family can have access to the throne. our elections are not elections - they are erections. anyway good luck to indians with their air-headed leader. i was out of india in the nick of time - in fact about couple of years ahead of this latest catastrophe.

    the future promises interesting things for india - more regional parties, more caste politics, more horse trading, more marxist guerrillas in jharkhand and orrissa, utopian hogwash from the cpim in west bengal, dravidian separatism, north-east tensions, more bombings and communal riots, heat waves, less rain, unimaginable corruption and a robust black market, uddahav thakeray, laloo, uma, maya, and prakash "carrot"; natwar swimming in his oil, sonia swimming with kamal nath and other congress leaders in the nehru-gandhi swimming pool located off IndiRa Gate, bjp and rss swimming in cow pee, our cities becomming swimming pools during rains, and common indians swimming in all this muck, trying to avoid the quicksand and the crap that comes with the package deal that is india. All the best.

    hi Neo ... hope you are doing fine. More about the pointed asses of yankee chicks later.
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    Even as we speak, I'm taking the GMAT and trying to head out by next year. Having said that, I doubt I'll be happy anywhere else.

    Also, what are you studying in the US? I would've thought Australia is where you'd have the most fun.
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    That depends on what kind of fun you have in mind. Btw, i am into management studies.
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    It's not just in Politics that you see regional biases. Politics is probably the last place where it rears it's head so openly.

    If you ever had the misfortune like I had of watching a soap opera called "Star Voice of India", the contestants there often said "Main Assam ki hoon to please saare Assam ke log mere liye vote karein" and even the host would say the same thing.

    and it seems to work. From the little I've discussed with others about this, I've found that Nepalis tend to vote for Nepalis, Punjabis for punjabis etc etc. In the recent edition of American idol, they just randomly thrust an Indian in to generate interest.
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    delhi will become brussels in 25 years.
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    The current model of indian democracy esp the congress party

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