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    Hey Guys, i've been away a while but i've been kinda doing a lot of recording work and stuff...i'm extremely impressed by how good GuitarRig is for recording. Most of the stuff is done through my pedals through a Vox AC combo (from GuitarRig) on clean but some of it is purely GuitarRig and some pedals direct...

    Please check out the sounds and leave some comments...

    I recorded this one song called Twilight on Christmas actualy and it started this idea of an album because of which i went on a recording spree (compositional spree too) trying to get material for an album length release. I got down 4 songs and remastered 1 or 2 old songs....I've been getting very good reviews for this stuff by the ones who've heard it but i felt it was still lacking so i decided to scratch the idea of the album and go back to practicing.. Anyway as a result of this i've got some new material for which i'd like some reviews..

    I've uploaded 1 track called Twilight (probably my first all out simple rock tune) here :

    i'll upload the rest soon and update the web and blog soon too...I'd eventually would like to release a proper album cause i'd like the wider distribution but for now its all free and available on the net (as usual)

    Any comments and criticism welcome as usual
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    :nw: :nw: great playing... but couldnt you have gone easy on the reverb...

    ny way you have to tell me how to record like that using guitar rig

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