The train journey..

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    Crowd at the station going wild, I was at a high Running to my coach, I heaved a sigh

    I put my baggage under the seat, two bags and a suitcase Looking at me was a beautiful face

    Hi, said I, joy running through my mind, more faces only to discover and find,

    Hi said Namrata, for that was her name The naughty smile and the curly mane

    The engine whistled and the train started to move She was smiling; I had to get into the groove

    Minutes turned into hours, Trees moving like fast cars Thank God! my destination was very far

    ‘Where to?” she asked with an inquisitive smile My heart raced, anybody could hear it beating as far as a mile

    The Conversation picked up pace, I was filled with glee If I could, I was ready to grab her and flee

    The train stopped two hours later, out there was the same human sea, A few people entrained, a passenger walked towards me with a cup of tea.

    Namrata stood and hugged the passenger; my heart leapt out of my mouth All my emotions were headed deep down south

    The journey ended at that precise moment, I was broke This is life, realized I, wishing I could cloak

    The train chugged along the predestined course Destiny had done the same to me, with a little bit of force

    The train finally stopped after a day, I got off and bid goodbye She did the same, with a twinkle in her eye.
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    lol..good one!

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