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    We are thankful to you who are appreciating us for the creation of our debut song "AA Chand Sitaron Se" which is heavily demanded on FM radio stations. The said song is the result of our extreme efforts and depicts the true feelings of love, as we all perceive.

    "ILLUSION ©"

    The name of band says it all... we may not be what we seem to be!!! Think harder :p well, jokes aside, ILLUSION is all about trying to make all the sorrows become illusion for you. We are experiencing a blend of POP and Rock coupled with heart-touching deep thoughts expressed in melodious tones of the era, getting ready to make a new history.

    Now you can also download our track "AA Chaand Sitaroon Se ©" from following links


    Our upcoming attraction is "Palkon main Dharkan main" which is another melodious, romantic rock touch that will surely rock you all...

    This is only you who made us recognizable in media within such limited period of time. We are grateful for your cooperation and love. Besides your appreciation we also welcome your criticism, as we believe that quality can only be attained through your valuable suggestions. We request to kindly Invite your friends through every medium i.e emails etc to listen to our debut song so that we may have maximum suggestions and advices to improve our upcoming tracks.

    You can send your suggestions on that is the only email address used by us. Correspondence from any other email address should be considered NULL and VOID. We are waiting for you reply, as your suggestions are extremely important for us.

    You can also become a part of our community in orkut:

    Thanking you



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