the sea of deep blue

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  1. agni

    agni New Member

    thy eyes drown me into the sea of deep blue,
    drowned,more alive i am in the sea of deep blue.

    waves of thy soul strike strings of my heart,
    music intoxicating resound far and wide in the sea of deep blue.

    the music stirs my heart,
    soul of mine becomes one with thine.

    then, there is no me,
    there is no you,
    there is just sea of deep blue,
    there is just Him.
  2. Bristy

    Bristy ...

    nicee one Agni.................
  3. agni

    agni New Member

    thankssss....And you know what i love your signature....
  4. deepakatreya

    deepakatreya New Member

    good one

    that was nice agni..........keep it up
  5. agni

    agni New Member

    thanks deepak for your lovely encoragement....
  6. slamdunk

    slamdunk New Member

    nice one agni.. liked this one..

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