The Naav Song-Satyamev Jayate-Ep-04-Acoustic Guitar Cover by Abhijeet

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  1. Shinoda

    Shinoda New Member

    Song: Masoom Si Naav...Zindagi
    Composer : Ram Sampath
    Lyricist : Suresh Bhatia
    Singer : Ram Sampath
    Recorded by : Yash Divecha
    Mixed by : Ram Sampath and Yash Divecha
    Guitars : Deeral
    Flute : Krishna Marathe

    Hey guys i am back again with the acoustic guitar cover of this week's song of Satyamev Jayate, "Ek Masoom Si Naav...Zindagi(Naav Song)"- composed and Sung by Ram Sampath. It's a melodious track with profound lyrics. The Episode-04 was aimed at the Healthcare system in India and the song fits in the bill perfectly.

    Masoom si Naav...Zindagi-Satyamev Jayate -Abhijeet (Unplugged) -Episode-4 song. - YouTube

    Please have a look and I would be happy to help with the chords of this song.
    Enjoy and peace.
  2. joydeep1978

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    Pretty good.... a little off pitch here and there, but overall a very, very good attempt. Most importantly, you have sung it with 200% feel, and that's what is most important. Keep up the good work.

    Please also share the chords for the benefit of others.
  3. Shinoda

    Shinoda New Member

    Thank you brother, actually I sang this song the same day the show was aired on TV. Had 3-4 hours in between to figure out the chords, get a feel of the lyrics and tune.
    I am glad you liked it :)


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