The Fool and The Lamp

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  1. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    This has to be my simplest has an obvious message hidden but you can read it as an amusing story or realize its depth..entirely up to you..

    He sat with an oil lamp
    Close to his heart
    No matter what happened
    From it,he'd never part

    He had bought it at the highest price
    he knew it was one of its kind
    And so this man was glued
    To his all so priceless find.

    There was something about the light it shone
    That was entrancing to the eye,
    As it could be lit just once,
    He knew he could never let it die.

    He cleaned the lamp all the time
    Kept it at the safest place
    He'd sit n watch the dancing flame
    for countless nights and days.

    His soul was very selfish though
    He wanted to share it with no one
    So he hid it from the world
    Unaware of the insecurity that had grown.

    And he couldn't share it with the world
    His selfishness grew to obsession
    So he trapped himself with the lamp
    And greedily watched the lamp burn alone.

    He brought the lamp to his face
    His greed knew no limits
    And kept watching till suddenly
    His heart broke into bits.

    This fool was so sad,
    Wondering why he was so obsessed,
    As he watched the light extinguish,
    By the blow of his own breath.
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  2. some dudes r dumb !!
    he bought
    he amused..
    At least their was a story right ?..otherwise selfish ppl live no storys ...eureca !!
  3. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    7 days later I finally get a reply to this one...and eventhough it doesn't seem exactly complimentary...thanks a lot:dance:

    He wrote,they clapped...
    So he wrote of love
    Of life,of misery,
    But the clapping stopped at once,
    When he thought he'd mastered poetry...

    Those lines are seriously not about me...but somehow my subconscious came up with those lines:think: ...

  4. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    this was a good effort ... i seriously can relate to this and y is that so low responses man ??
    it takes emotions and brains both to wtire such stuff !
    any-way u keep rocking man
    (not sure if can add but ...reps added )
  5. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    @monica..I reply again today because I feel a lot saner today...
    First of all,its not about selfish's about how people eventually ruin the thing they love the most..for some,the thing may be a person..the lamp was just a metaphor..and so was the selfishness:for obsession...
    Anyways,I guess you enjoyed it more as a story...

    "Selfish ppl live no stories"...what the hell??!!!It's mostly their story that's the most interesting...

    Anyways,thanks for appreciating this one...and don't let my replies stop you from doing that..:dance:
  6. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto


    Can't explain why I got low responses..I guess every1 will have their own reasons..

    Thanks man..oh,and I didn't get the reps:p: But just the fact that you were gonna,is as good as getting 'em..

    BTW,what was the deal with the "Bye" PM and donation of points???I thought you left IGT for good!!!

  7. ~Bish

    ~Bish The Illusionist

    awesome... though the poem was simple.. but had lot in it.. i personally feel simple poems can express more than complex usage of words..

    was not able 2 login IGT for long.. but kool work here.. reps
  8. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    ^^Yeah even I feel the same about simple poems...


  9. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    actually i left the forum but aise hi kuch din pehle kuch padhne ka ji huaa and came back to forum ..dekha itni acchi poems hain par koi response nahi so maine kaha now its moral duty respnded !!
  10. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    Thanks a ton :) stay on duty:dance:
  11. #iR@


    hmmmm.... ok.... ummmmmmmmmm.... acha.... this poem went over ma head... i mean i found the depth but i think dats not xactly wat u MIGHT have potrayed.... but story-wise perho tou it was GOOD! :)

    advice: stick to ur style... dont rite simple poems! hehe
  12. anshammer

    anshammer MR. - 2 - MINZ

    hmmmmmmm..........!!!!!!!..that was...goood..bro...!!!!!.. :) ...

    i hope..... sm1..has not started writin AUTOBIOGRAPHY.!??? .. :p: ;) :)

    hehe.... kiddin..bro..!!..dont mind.!!!

    dat..was nice..!!!

    keep :dance: and..writing.!!!
  13. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    over your head!!!lol....hahaha..nice..very honest of you..well don't worry!!I'm not going to explain it!!And I think whatever you understood is what I MIGHT have portrayed:p: ..haha...glad you liked the story:)

    hahaha..*really laughing*...nice advice!!!btw I hope my style is not writing "broken heart" poems!!!:dance:
  14. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto're pretty entertaining..lame but entertaining:p:

    And yes I will continue the lame :dance: and you keep writing..

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