The First Rain

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    So u play keys as well??

    what i liked:-
    I liked the first part..really well played with very good feel....Vocals have good feel as well..
    Overall feel of the song...

    What cud be better:-
    Overall the song was linear(few ups and downs) and same feel was carried throughout rhythm..The feel is good not bad at all....
    I was left unsatisfied at the end coz i was expecting some burst of guitar riff or some heavy distortion part.

    I think if u keep ur keys rhythm for the first half in the front and in the later verses as a rhythm for some great distortion rhythm this wud lift the songs feel drastically....

    U r a very good guitarist .. add a solo..
  3. wylder

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    Thanks for the suggestions... Will try them out. I just wanted to put down the tune in my head onto record so that I do not forget it later.

    I intend to make it a bit more like an 80s rock song but I didn't have the time/patience to record all the parts. I am pretty slow when it comes to getting stuff recorded because I need a lot of practice to get myself to sound the way I want to on record.

    The plan is to add a rhythm guitar and solos in the gaps in the intro and after the chorus. I still haven't figured out a bridge either.

    About the vocals - I'm not really a singer. But someone had to do the dirty work... The vocalist who came to visit me this weekend ended up meeting his best buddy JD from Tennessee and hence wasn't of much help with the recording :D.

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