The Cave

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    The Cave (Working Title)
    Thoughts lost in the depths of the waves
    Long faces forgotten drifting away from the world
    Our backs faced to the fire in the cave
    We judge by shadows what each man's worth

    I showed you the light and it made you blind
    I showed you the light and it closed your eyes
    I showed you the light and it blew your mind

    I said hello to the sky and the stars responded
    I said hello to the clouds and all I heard was the rain
    I waved my hand to the world, the world said goodbye
    Sent a smile to the beggar man and he replied.

    He told me a tale wrought with lies
    And asked for a coin I gave my reply
    A penny for thought
    Thought for peace of mind.

    I showed him the light and it made him blind
    I showed him the light and it closed his eyes
    I showed him the light
    All he wanted to see was his lies

    We are the prayer, why do we pray?
    The journeyman finds his road
    The people find their promise
    They find life's promises...

    In the cave.
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    impressive ..........................reps added !
    ye cave ka kyaa chakkar hai ?
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    eggactly...couldn't relate *cave* with the rest of the poem..I am thinking that its something that @Zafar can only tell...

    Very deep thoughts though...

    Good work, keep it up!
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    Ye cave ka chakkar, mein abhi batatahoon.
    In a book entitled The Republic, by Plato, Plato presents an allegory called The Cave. In this passage he delves into the ignorance of man and his limited perspective. Plato presents us an image of people in a dark cave, chained in such a way which prevents them from turning to see the others assembled beside them. Behind them is a great fire, whose light casts a shadow against the wall of the cave in front of them, the shadows of the people beside them. Thus they can only see but a shadow of what truly is, this is truth to them. Now Plato presents us with a scenario, where if they were to be released and guided out of the darkness of the cave, into the naked light, would it not be difficult to stare into the brightness? Would it not cause discomfort and pain to the eyes? Would it not be blinding, in it's brightness?
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    late to reply this thread...
    but really excellent..

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