Tell me how to figure out the exact chords

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  1. srideep

    srideep ...FKD...

    hey guys

    can someone tell me how to figure out the exact chords
    i mean arbit chords like sus4 and aug etc by listening to the song

    what i generally do is to listen to the base and try to follow that by playing the major or minor equivalent of it

    any tips....

  2. Shobinthomas

    Shobinthomas New Member

    I am having the same query!!
    People and pros out there....
    plzzz throw light on this issue
  3. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    It's a practice thing. Play lots of chords and listen to the sound.

    Going with the bass notes is a good idea but you have to realize that he might not actually be playing the root note of the chord. It is still a good method.

    What I tend to do is first find out what the key of the song is. If you play the melody, you can usually identify a single scale (sometimes not) that the song is in. Once you've identified the major scale the song stems from, you can use a chord corresponding to each note and the song usually uses one of these chords. Thus, you narrow down your choices. eg- If you identify that the song is in the key of C major-

    The notes for the C major are

    C D E F G A B C

    So the chords are C, Dm, Em, F, G7 (or Gmajor), Am, Bm7b5 (rarely used)

    The sus2/4 can be used for any of these but especially look out for it before a dominant 7th.

    Note that another common chord used is the major of the 3rd instead of the minor (in this case, E) which would make the scale A harmonic minor though the G# note is usually used on the E and not outside it in most songs I know(not saying that it cannot).

    As for how to make out if they're playing an augmented or a sus or any other, just practice the chords a lot and get familiar with the sound and you'll be able to tell. Practice is the only way I know.
  4. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Of course, these are just guidelines and not rules. Keep that in mind. Not all songs will follow this.
  5. srideep

    srideep ...FKD...

    thanks a lot....

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