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    pouring table wine
    in childrens cups
    they'll sure be the future
    drunk on age four
    the excuse to be
    messias blood

    the only time
    I bled wine
    was when i drunk it
    a lot

    offering food
    even the dog won't eat
    never say no
    you'll all end up
    alone, spoiled

    all the love
    you ever gave
    was warmed up
    in a microwave

    Give away
    earrings, tatoos
    tryballs, mobile phones
    golden neckless, which mean a lot
    it at least tells a lot

    I dicided
    to do a tatoed
    one that never drops

    never get inspired
    never invent something new
    leave them on the streets
    up to whatever they want to do
    so at least you won't be bothered

    they grow up street wise
    they grow up dumb
    but we can't be bothered
    we can't be bothered

    I never took off my hat
    for someone who cannot
    pronounce his own name

    I never shook hands
    with someone leaving
    his baseballcap on
    to tell who he is

    I just can't be bothered
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    interesting....what's your age....you dont have to answer that... but if you dont mind then please do.....
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    my age is 23

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