Taylor Acoustic prices in India

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by chetank, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. chetank

    chetank New Member

    Hi Folks,

    I am looking at buying an acoustic and wanted to check if anyone is aware of prices of the Taylor guitars in India. Specifically looking for comparing prices of the 114e, 114ce, 214e and 214ce.

    By the way the distributors for Taylors in India is Furtado.


  2. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    Hey Chetank, just checked bajaao.com and got their prices for you:
    1. Taylor 114e for Rs. 47,500.
    2. Taylor 114ce for Rs. 58,000.
    3. Taylor 214ce for Rs. 58,000.
    4. Taylor 210e for Rs. 58,000.
    5. Taylor 210ce for Rs. 68,500.
    Check out their site www.bajaao.com and look out for the features. Man, if you are putting up in Mumbai then you don't need to pay the shipping charges. All the best.

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