Tabs of Kholo Kholo and Maa (full)

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  1. zubin_deep

    zubin_deep New Member

    Attached Files:

  2. Pluto_joy

    Pluto_joy New Member

    can i have the chords as well..
    thank you...
  3. zubin_deep

    zubin_deep New Member

    You'll get them in order in the attached txt files (blogger messed up by eating up the whitespaces :p)
  4. sanishnair56

    sanishnair56 New Member

    hey thx....yaar woh "L " and S S S Q sab...wht does it actually stand for??
  5. zubin_deep

    zubin_deep New Member

    'Q', 'S' they all denote the duration of the notes,
    You'll find the duration legend at the end of the text file.
    if you have any problem undersandig them, just dont bother, hear the original song and play according to your ear....
  6. sanishnair56

    sanishnair56 New Member

    eheh ha re...its written at d end of d note pad file....thx man!!!
  7. shiv_blacks

    shiv_blacks New Member

    hey zubin

    hey zubin, i dont know how to read the tabs for kholo kholo which u said, actually am new to all this, i learnt giutar on my own and i also dont know what is half eat, quarter, 16th etc. can u tell me how to read it?
    i understand nothing man, pls help me
  8. zubin_deep

    zubin_deep New Member

  9. hardy89

    hardy89 New Member


    good job
    keep it up
  10. dragonball

    dragonball New Member

    hi, why cannot i find similar FORMATTED tabs as above for the title song of "taare zameen par"?
  11. bilalgab

    bilalgab New Member

    thnx man
    hvent tried them out yet but hope they sound good
  12. shiv_blacks

    shiv_blacks New Member

    yo thanx man, u r great!! keep it up!!! :)
  13. zubin_deep

    zubin_deep New Member

    thanks you all
  14. AhsenBhai

    AhsenBhai New Member

    why cant someone post a video on how to play each step...these tabs are pretty confusing. There are videos of people playing it but they dont exactly teach on how to play the damn song. Some of us are trying to learn on our own, we didnt have school teachers or buddies who are excellent guitarist. I just wish this forum could be more supportive of new comers.
  15. zubin_deep

    zubin_deep New Member

    Hello AhsenBhai,
    tab notation is the easiest way to share song notations. Here you don't have to stop the video everytime to learn a complex part, moreover for faster songs, it is very tough to follow the video. Whereas in tab notations, the notes are pretty much laid out.
    I use Guitar Pro 5 to tab songs, If you have GP5 or similar, just export these text files there and you will have no further questions :) (long live GP!!)
    Incase you don't have any such s/w, I hope you atleast found the legend at the end of the file.
    "The best way to learn is by exploring"
    Best O'Luck!
  16. AhsenBhai

    AhsenBhai New Member

    Thanks, Zubin... Ill try to download GP5 and test it out. I always want to learn new songs but sometimes it is difficult because some people are not co-operative.

    Thanks again.
  17. awmurshedkar

    awmurshedkar New Member

    your chords are wrong.. and there is also a mistake in your notations.. i dont visit this site regularly but just was going through and came across your post.
  18. maaani

    maaani New Member

    great ...................

    ro00cking p0st............
  19. zubin_deep

    zubin_deep New Member

    can you please tell me which cords are wrong and what is the mistake??

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