Tabs for Vaarayo varayo from aadhavan

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  1. Subu_Strums

    Subu_Strums New Member

    Tabs for d song Vaarayo varayo from d starti ?
    b- 1-3-4-6-4-3-2-0-1 s ths rite..?or e- 5-7-8s-10-8-7-5-7-5s-3 reply soon asap...
  2. chiti2ran

    chiti2ran New Member


    Reply.. if you found the next part....
  3. Subu_Strums

    Subu_Strums New Member

    hey its quite good...n d next part..?
  4. soymax

    soymax New Member

    Hi chiti,

    Superb & awesome. I was trying for this for a long time. Hey could you try from the starting. Its really heavenly one. The Prelude of the song in piano is too too good.

    Dude update us the entire prelude tabs...
    Thanks in advance
  5. thilek_23

    thilek_23 New Member

    b= 5-7-8-10-8-7-5-7-3-5....
    varayo vaarayo kathal kolla....

    b= 5-7-8-10-8-7-5-7-3-0....
    poovodu pesathe kaatru illa...

    b= 5-7-8-10-10-10-8-7-5-3...
    Yen inda maatramo neettru illa...

    b= 1-1-3-5-3-1-0........1.......
    neeye sol maname....

    b= 1-1-3-5-3-1-0.....
    neeye sol maname....

    well i modify this from the first post... not sure its the right one or not.... leave ur comments plz....
  6. astroboysam

    astroboysam New Member

    Gr8 job thilek......... It perfectly fits!!!!!!!!
  7. soymax

    soymax New Member

    Gr8 job Thilak.....
    I am also trying to figure out the tabs for the same song... Once i am done... I will post the complete one...

    Especially, the prelude of the song in Piano.... Awesome work by Harris... I am tryin to find the tab for the whole Prelude...I guess its a mix of tab & chords.. Hope i find it out...

    Gr8 work dude... check for the prelude too..
  8. astroboysam

    astroboysam New Member

    hey guys chk for the prelude too.... Its awesome in this song!!!!!!!
  9. shanki911

    shanki911 New Member

    Thank you so much guys... Could you please post chords for this song too.

    Thank you
  10. discoverag

    discoverag New Member

    Great! Thank you!
  11. Babu.M

    Babu.M New Member

    Great Effort thank you very much it sounds good.
  12. Babu.M

    Babu.M New Member

    Thank you great effort.Please post the other parts.
  13. dil_gct

    dil_gct New Member

    Good work Thilek!! This is my 1st tamil film tune in guitar and it sounds good.
  14. ramon_horus

    ramon_horus New Member

    Rest of varayo varayo

    All in b string

    Yenge Yenge oru Marilyn Monroe naan thaan
    -3-5- 3 - 5 ---- 3---5 -3----- 1-0-0

    Un kaiyin kangal poo naan

    -3-5-3-------- 1-0-0---

    Nam kadhal yaavum thaen thaan

    1-- 3---5--3------ 1--0-0---

    Poaven Poaven nee bodhai kollum paadum

    -3-5- 3 - 5 ---- 3---5 -3----- 1-0-0

    Manam kaatrai pole odhum

    -3-5-3-------- 1-0-0---

    Unnai kadhal kangal thedum

    1-- 3---5--3------ 1--0-0---

    Oho le le le le Kadhal illai


    Sei sei sei sei malai varai


    Un silai azhaghai vizhigalai naan viyanthen


    Ivarodhu sernthadu Cinderella


    Hope it's correct
  15. sreenuisbusy

    sreenuisbusy New Member

  16. Babu.M

    Babu.M New Member

    Nice Effort.
  17. Mohan Arjunan

    Mohan Arjunan New Member

    gud job.. if can plz post the intro part of tis song.. the piano part.. thank you..
  18. vashanthakumar

    vashanthakumar New Member

    hi send me ,varayo varayo ful chords

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