Tabs for the song with interlude music notes for the song Ilaya Nila Pozhigirathu

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    Two weeks back, there was request for the tabs of the song Ilaya Nila Pozhigirathu from Payanagal Mudivadhillai. This is quite a popular song and the tabs must be freely available and most of you may be comfortable in playing this song.

    Presenting the tabs for this song together with the notes for the 3 interlude music. Try your hand on the string notes.

    Listen to the song and the interlude music before start playing these tabs - This is quite important to get into the correct rhythm.

    Pick, Play and Enjoy...................... & do post your views.................... Sathya

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  2. pearlmaharajan

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    you are doing a great job.. man thanks... a lot...
  3. Thanks for the song bro..
    The tabs are freely available for this song if we search for "neele neele amber par chaand jab aaye" hindi song from the movie kalaakaar.
    This song was originally composed by illayaraja for the movie payanangal mudivadhillai in 1982, and was later used by Bappi lahari in 1983 for Kalaakaar. The song was a huge Hit, because of its melodious tune and unmatched singing by Kishore Kumar.
    Just try to search the hindi forum for this song and you will know how huge a hit this song was in hindi.
  4. SATHYA167

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    Thanks for the above details. In fact, the music director in Hindi is Kalyanji Anandji (not Bappida) and I remember to have heard from someone that these two directors swapped music of two songs - Ilaya Nila to NNAP in Hindi and Kasme Wade Pyar (Hindi) to Kanavu Kaanum Vazhkaiyellam in Tamil. However, the swapped tamil song (sung by KJY) was not a hit

    Ilaya Nila is in Cm and NNAP is in Dm. Even the interlude scores are different. Each song has its own popularity in respective domain.

    However the song tabs matches for both the song. I had tried the hindi version earlier and it is also a great work.... Sathya
  5. richuma

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    Thanks bro

    I ll try n practise dis tabs..... thanks a lot for d tab bro
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    Thank you for sharing this information Sathya. I will also share this information in my café on cafe4tune. Please do visit this site. They are also running a contest wherein you can win exciting prizes.
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    Thanks a lot.
  8. v.raghura87

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    thanks for sharing

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