Tabs for the song Ra Ra Sarasukku Ra Ra from Chandra Mukhi

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    Let us see how to play this Telugu song from Super Star's Tamil film - Chandramukhi.

    This is what I tried first in my new Ibanez guitar.....

    -------- Raa raa sarasaku rara
    ---------- raa raa chentaku chaera
    E-----1---4----------------1---4----- E
    B--------------1--1--4-4------------- B

    ----------praName needira aelukoraa dora
    E---8--6--8---8-6--4----8--6-8--4-6--8---- E

    ----------swaasalo swaasavai raa raa
    E----4-8--6-----1---6--4-----1---1----- E

    Thom thom thom
    thom thom thom
    E----8-6-4---6-4--1--- E (One note for each “Thom”)

    Rest will take some more time to practice and find out.... Till then enjoy these lines....

    The song is in F Minor....................... Sathya

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