Tabs for the song Oh Penne Penne from Vanakkam Chennai

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  1. SATHYA167

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    This is my first cut tabs. Can anyone please check up this and tell?

    E---1---3---4------3--1------1--3-4------3--1------ E
    E--------1---3----4----6--4---3-----------1--3----3--3---6--4--3----- E
    B----4----------------------------------4-------------------------------- B
    E---1--3-4------3---1-----1--3-4------3--1------ E
    E--------1---3---3-3--6--4---3-------1----3--3---6--4--3----- E
    B----4-------------------------------4--------------------------- B
    ----Un Kannam--Maelae----Mazhai--Neerai----Pole-----------
    E---6--8--10---13--11----6--6-----8--10---13-11---------- E

    E-----8-8----10-11--10-8--10-11--13-15--13-11--------- E
    E---11---15--13---11-10----11--15--13-----11-10----------- E
    E---13---11----11--10----8--6----3--4-----4----6--4---3----- E

    You can also suggest if any other tab position is better and go on to complete the song..... Sathya
  2. bujibhuvana

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    hi bro...

    un kaigal korthu

    unnodu poga

    en nenjam thaan enguthe

    thinam uyir vaanguthe
    repeat this for :
    Unthoolil Sainthu
    Kanmoodi Vaazha
    En Ullam Alaipaayuthey
    Aiyo Thadumaaruthey

    un kannam mele

    mazhai neerai pola

    mutha kolam poda aasai thalladuthe
    repeat this for :
    Nee Paesum Paechu
    Naalthorum Kaettu
    Enthan Jenmam Theera Aekkam Thalladuthey

    oh ho penne penne en kanne kanne

    unmai sonnal enna unnai thanthaal enna

    these tabs are perfectly working fine for me.. I have been searching notes for stanza long tymmmmmmmmm......... can you try this tab and correct my mistakes bro...
  3. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    I am not telling that my notes are perfect, but the above notes leave the song incomplete. If you are able to play perfectly with these notes, you should go ahead with practice. Let me wait for some other comments...........

    The song is in G Minor and the melody starts with D Minor and I try to follow the chords..............Sathya
  4. sathish lion

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  5. SATHYA167

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    Paatttu enge poachu? For which song are you playing?................ Sathya
  6. bujibhuvana

    bujibhuvana New Member

    hi anna..tension agathenga.. i just said ..
    I tried all of your tabs posted.. all are perfect and helpful to beginners lik me. still your yar inda salai oram is my fav... so i jus said..

    i tried your penne penne tabs.. it seems perfectly working for me than that na...thank you so much .. i am going to play this infront of my friends.. thanks for saving me na.. stanza matum try panunga plz
  7. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Don't worry. I never get tension and I always remain cool. The tabs are incomplete and it will take some more time to complete the same. I do not get sufficient time to write and also play and that's why I ask for others to play and comment..... Sathya
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  9. sathish lion

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    intha asingatha enala thanga mudila ....

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