Tabs for the song Ninaivo Oru Paravai from Sigappu Rojakkal

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    Most of the members must be either kid or not born when this film was released. It was a blockbuster film, the film which showed to others that Bharathi Raja can make Citywala type pictures, the film which showed that IR can tune non-village music and + Kamal / Sridevi combo.

    Presenting the tabs for the song Ninaivo Oru Paravai from Sigappu Rojakkal - A thriller movie with IR music.

    This song starts in G Minor, but very soon touches G Major and follows a good number of chord progressions. Ultimately comes back to G Minor.

    Not able to classify the raga as almost all notes are being used. The tabs are presented within G octave, all the notes except G# and F# are used in this song.

    Very nice melody by Kamal himself............ Pick, Play & Enjoy and do leave your comments............... Sathya

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  2. Sathya Sir,
    I woke up at three in the morning because of some noise... tried sleeping, but there is one tune that is reverberating in my mind.
    I tried it on the guitar.... am pretty sure they are from an Ilayaraja song....
    But i can't recognise the song..
    here are the tabs...

    bcd--cb--abcb...... bcd--cb--cded....

    please try to play abd tell me the song.
  3. After one hour of breaking my head, I finally remembered that the song was entha poovilum vasam undu.
    I am not tamzh, so took a long time but, now i know the tabs for the beautiful start :)
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    Good, you got it. This is a simple melody by IR set in a major scale notes - Sankarabharanam mostly.

    However, the song will start little higher at 'g3' and not at 'n3.' You can apply the same tune starting from 'g3', i.e "E" note.

    You should be able to get the song..... Sathya
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    endha poovilum vasam undu... of Murattu kaalais opening is a perfect lift by IR... but just the opening... may b he is so much inspired with it.. did not want to change anything and use as it is.. and continued with his own... composition in the rest of the song...
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    thank you so much sathya.
    i couldn't get pallavi right at my first try, but sararam awsome

  7. i did get the first part in the key you suggested,and posted it in an appropriate thread too.
    Thank you Sir,
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    Thanks Siva for the feedback. That's because the song starts with stretched notes. Ninaivo is tabbed as "n2. s n2. s". You need to stretch the last 's' little longer. It is not as difficult as highly classical oriented songs. But, yes, it does take sometime and little more practice................... Sathya

    How did you find the Kamal song from Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu?
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    Hi Sathya,
    Can you pls post the tabs for Oh priya priya from idhayathai thirudathae plssssssssssssssss :D :)

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