Tabs for the song Nee Oru Kaadhal Sangeetham from Nayagan - IR's masterpiece

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    My last few posts were based on Kamal's song and I would like to continue with the same flavour.

    Presenting the tabs for the song "Nee Oru Kaadhal Sangeetham" from Nayagan - My favourite one.

    Indha Paattirkku Mayangaadhavar Undoa? - Is there any one who doesn't like this song?

    All the best film industry people had worked together to present this melody.

    The song is set in a Hindusthani Ragam – Shyam Kalyan.

    This raga is used to activate Mooladhara Chakra – What it does mean? I do not know – This is what I got to know from the net.
    But quite a popular raga in Hindusthani music. I know only that IR has used this raga to produce an evergreen duet, which can never be produced again – One of my favourite song which I often hear before I sleep.

    The raga goes like n3. s r2 m2 p n3 S in arohanam and comes back as
    S n3 d2 m2 p m2 r2 g3 m1 r2 g3 n3. s – I also do not know how to use these notes in a structured way and I know only this much.

    The song is in D Major and so we will be using the notes within D octave and the following notes will be used:

    D E F# G G# A B & C#

    The raga goes up and down like:


    By this time, you must have got enough giddiness, adequate enough to play this song.

    The first word – “Nee”, would be a challenge to play in guitar. Mano has stretched his vocal chord considerably and you should listen to the way the word is pitched. It starts as ‘g3’ and the vocal voice goes up only (touching m1 and p) and so you can jam or pull or just hit ‘F#” and continue the rest of the song.

    Don't worry. The song is quite easy to play.

    Tune your guitar and enjoy playing each note and I am sure that you will go to a different world.

    Listen to the song for the rhythm, pick, play & enjoy............... and do post your comments.............. Sathya

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  2. Sathya Sir,
    lovely song, have not been able to try it... will try it and tell you how it sounds.
    One of my fave songs too is from nayagan... Thenpandi Cheemaiyile...
    Can you try and give me the tabs for the intro of that song...

    Mooladhara chakra, is one of the yogic chakras , a concept in Yoga and meditation. They are of high spiritual value... see this>
    Chakra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Thanks Abhay for the link. Quite exhaustive - It is beyond my capacity to understand. But quite useful to know the existence of all these bits. The raga is quite nice to play and somewhere I have studied that this raga also relieves tension and make you cool. Don't know much about these things..............

    Some more information about the use of raga (proyogam while you play), which I would like to share here. The avarohanam goes like:

    S n3 d2 / m2 p m2 r2 / g3 m1 r2 / g3 n3. s

    This split can be tried while playing the ragam for better enjoyment.............. Sathya
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    thx super

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    Nice Sathya...

    Keep posting...

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