Tabs for the song Mahaganapathim Manasa Smaraami - Carnatic Devotional

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    I was watching the film Sindhu Bhairavi on TV on last Sunday – Such a lovely musical hit film – IR has done great tunes / music. I thought why I should not attempt the song ‘Mahaganapathim Manasaa Smarami’ in guitar. This is a Carnatic devotional song set in raga ‘Nattai’.

    The Carnatic notes for this raga goes up like s r3 g3 m1 p n3 S and descends like S n3 p m1 g3 m1 r3 s.

    If ‘s’ is taken as ‘C’, we will be using the notes C D# E F G B to play this raga. Taking ‘s’ as D, the raga can be played as:

    G—7--10-----------------------------------------------------10--7----- G

    Disclaimer: The following tabs are neither equal to the way in which a Carnatic song is recited nor in the way KJY sings in the film. These tabs will just give a simple way of playing the lyrics.

    B----------8--10----8--7--8----------------------------------8\7\8---- B
    G--------------------------------107------7--7--7------7--7----------- G

    E---------------10--9------------------------------------------------- E
    B---------10----------------10-8-------------------------------7----- B
    G------------------------------------10-10--7---------7\6--7--------- G

    ------Maha-----Devasuthm--------------Guruguha nutham-------
    E----10------------10—10-10--------10--13---10--9-------10--- E
    B---------10--10-------------------------- -----------10-------- B

    The rest will follow shortly...................

    Please do post your views.......................................... Sathya
  2. Sathya sir,
    awesome work.... i too tried varaveena mrudupaani a couple of months back... great work...
    It will take some time for me to play this properly as I am total zero to classical music :)
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    Thanks Abhay for the quick feed back. I will put the remaining tabs today. This is just a quick attempt on listening to the song in TV.
  4. SATHYA167

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    Here we go with rest of the tabs:

    ----------Mara------- Koti ----- Prakasham ---Shantham---
    E--------10--14\15----13-10-----910--------------------- E
    B--------------------------------------10-----78--------- B
    G-------------------------------------------------10----- G

    ------------Maha ---- Kaavya------ Natakaadipriyam--------
    B-------------10-----878--10-------87--8------------------ B
    G---------7--------------------------------10-7--7---7---- G

    E-----------------------10-------------------------------------- E
    B----------------------------10--8--------7810--8--10--10------ B
    G-------10--7--7------------------------------------------------ G

    That's it............. Enjoy playing this devotional today on his birthday...................... Sathya
  5. Sathya sir,
    this part doesn't seem to sync >>>
    Kaavya------ Natakaadipriyam--------
    grt work,
  6. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    That's how it comes - m1g3 m1 r3 s s s. May be some timing issues we have to overcome. Anyhow thanks for the feedback..... Sathya
  7. true... as I am not very familiar with the song.... it is very difficult for me to time the notes properly.
    I think that listening to the song for as many as a hundred times is very essential to play it.
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    Abhay, the hindi song chale chalo from the film lagan also follows this same raga.... You can try your fingers..... Sathya
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    Tabs for the song Maha Ganapathim Manasa Smarami - Ganapathy Vandhan

    This is a famous Sanskrit song on Lord Ganesha and also comes in film Sindhu Bhairavi.

    KJ Yesudoss takes this song in C# Major.

    So please ignore the above tabs and follow the tabs in the attached file.

    Hope you will love this number. Starting 2014 with Ganapathy Vandhan....

    Pick, Play & Enjoy and do post your views / comments................ Sathya

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    No takers for this song?......

    I revisited this song for a particular reason...

    Is this considered hard to play?..... Why don't you just play like any other film songs?

    Just forget that the song is on carnatic based raga.

    If this is difficult, then you very well miss a beautiful song....

    Satish Lion's 'Chennai Sentamizh' is just half step below the tabs shown in the attached file.

    Yes in C Major - Nattai ragam

    Hope you have guessed the song and the film?................ Sathya
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    More simplified tabs in this attached file - For easy flow.

    If you play one step below the indicated tab positions, the raga comes in C Major.

    Most of these tabs are used in a different tempo in the song Chennai Sentamizh Maranden Unnalae (Film - M Kumaran S/o Mahalakshmi). In fact the opening tabs are the same (with one step lower).

    Do try yourselves, if you are interested in this song.............. Sathya

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