Tabs for the song Amma Endrazhaikkatha Uyirillaiye from Mannan - IR + KJY Hit

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    Continuing the Rajni hit songs, let us see an emotional song 'Amma Endrazhaikkatha Uyirillaiye from Mannan'

    A song dedicated to mother of every living beings in this world - A song with touching lyrics.

    Written in easy and simple words - even an illiterate will easily understand and appreciate the song.

    But the song is so difficult to play in guitar and so the tabs are very much simplified (because of highly classical tune).

    KJY has just melted in this song and IR has delivered a good carnatic piece - The song is in pure Kalyani Raga.

    The song is composed in D# Major and so to fit with this raga the fourth note will be raised.

    So we will use D# scale notes, but with "A" instead of "G#".

    The tabs for the raga goes like


    The song can not be played in one shot (to start with).

    Please try this song slowly word (or group of words) by word to get into the flow.

    Pick, Play and Enjoy and do post your views................. Sathya

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    This is really difficult to play in guitar. You can easily play this in key board. Try sliding or hitting two keys with a little long gap between the keys. Some near approximation is to be done to get the best possible sound..... Sathya

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