tabs and chords for "sir" movie song "sun sun barsaat ki dhun"

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    hi all dear once i have listened the song "sun sun sun barsaat ki dhun" song from movie "sir" naseeruddin shah,,tough the song inspired from english song ""listen t0 the pouring rain"" (h**ps;//www*youtube*com/watch?v=7Ya8sRTO7oI ),the start interlude in hindi song is awesome (h**ps;//www*youtube*com/watch?v=u15WHjn8aBg)i kindly request all friends, if anyone has tabs and chords for this song to please post if possible thanks in advance good day and happy guitar playing to all (the notations of links posted here ,,,,,,,, dots with asteric and colon with semicolon ,here are replaced due to site restrictions of posting links )

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