Taara Jala - Junoon

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    Yaar koi paste hi naheen karta songs idhar
    c'mon people wake up and paste some songs here

    Author/Artist: Junoon
    Title: Tara Jala
    Transcribed by: Taj
    Email: tajravian@hotmail.com

    Chords: Am(002210), G(355433), D(x00232), F(133211), C(032010)

    Am G
    Teray waastay mein


    Am G Am
    In lamhon ke peechay

    Am G Am
    Kouyi to hai lamha aisa bhi

    Am G D
    jo beganaa bhi hai apna bhi

    Am G Am
    Jahaan thehray ye lamha

    Am G Am
    wohee say to aagay jaana hai

    Am G D
    jissay soocha hai usko pana hai


    F G
    jaao mein jaatay pal say aagay jaaoon

    F G
    paaon may aagay jaa kay usko paaoon chahoon

    aagay hee jaaoon mein


    G F
    Taara taara jalaa

    Am G C
    jala kehkashaa ki tarhaan

    teray waastay meh

    G F
    Taara taara jalaa

    Am G C
    jala kehkashaa ki tarhaan

    * Repeat same sequence of chords in 2nd verse


    Am C G
    teray saathi hum nahi

    Am G F
    ghum ki tarhan ye ghum nahi

    G F C G
    teri muhabbat kum nahi e e e e e e e e ee

    Repeat Chorus

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    thanksa lot nice song
  3. adeelsiddiqui

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    taj dear its really nice to see tabs for this song,its such a nice song yet another beautiful creation from JUNOON.
    yaar i have been askin every one to post tabs for JUNOON's OUR LAND.that song is really nice to play on accoustic,plz post it if u can n that will b appreciated.
    cheers m8
  4. DesiPride143

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    nice dude,
    nice chords, love this song, and man nice job.


  5. Taj

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    enjoy playin

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