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    Sooo, this summer is going to be really nice, not because of the four months off from school, and going to a lot of concerts and local shows, but because i'll have plenty of time to practice! I actually already started practicing really meticulously, but i decided on a routine, and i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or cautionary advice to give me regarding this nefty schedule of mine.

    Practice time schedual

    Finger Stretching Excercises 20-30 min

    Scale Excercises 20 min

    Learn new chord 10 min

    Chord switching excercises 10 min

    learn new scale or scale position 5 min

    run through previous scales 10 min

    Alternate picking excercises 20 min (should i jump straight into economy?)

    practice songs ? mins

    So yeah...thanks in advance.
  2. ozone

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    finger stretching will come on its own... just start with basic left hand and right hand exercises..... remember always use alternate picking for whatever u play(in songs)...

    RH exercises
    u should be able to do this blind...!!

    1) simple down picking (frm E to e)
    2) simple upwards picking ( frm e to E)
    3) above 2 exercises with alternate picking
    4) alternate string picking (E to e)
    5) alternate string picking (e to E)

    there are lots more... try these for a start....

    dont concentrate only on chords.. coz ul end up regretting it.. im good at chords but leads need a lotta improvement so give equal importance to both chords n leads... all the best....

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