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    can any one give me chords for sultan of swing :eek::
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    er, you could have used the other thread :)

    The chords are also accompanied by numerous fill-ins which are usually related to the arpeggio of the currently playing chord so they shouldnt be too difficult to figure out.

    You get a shiver in the dark, it's raining in the park in the meantime

    South of the river you stop and you hold everything

    A band is blowing dixie-double four time

    You feel alright when you here the music ring

    Bb--slide to C.

    Repeat this part, and then when it comes to the the Bb slide to C part:

    Bb slide to C

    Way on Downsouth

    Bb slide to C

    Way on downsouth London town.

    Now the rather famous riff which follows the chorus. The best way to play this I'll tab:

    The chords are:

    Dm /Dm-C-Bb/ F C F C


    The part tabbed is Dm/Dm-C-Bb/ F F C

    This is followed by an F chord and a C chord both near the 8th fret.

    I'm a terrible tabber and have probably made some mistakes so feel free to ask questions or make corrections.
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    sultans of swing


    Dm C Bb A
    You get a shiver in the dark, it's been raining in the park but meantime
    Dm C Bb A
    South of the river you stop and you hold everything

    F C
    A band is blowin' Dixie double fourtime
    Bb Dm (Bb C)*
    You feel allright when you hear the music ring

    *Play only if not part C comes next

    Bb C
    Way on down south......
    Bb C
    Way on down south..... London town

    Dm Bb C

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    thanks a lot...............................

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