Suggest me a set of strings Brand?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by khuram82, Apr 5, 2006.

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    I jus wanna get a new set of strings for my guitar.............i've been using the current one for bout 6 months ........... i have ovation applause black AE-128 electro-acoustic the specification says i should use Adamas Strings 1818 Light gauge strings.........but i couldnt find this brand in manchester ......found them on ebay worth $10 for 2 sets........but i cant wait that longer coz im performing this can anyone suggest me a good brand for strings? ......... especially strings that are of lighter gauge and are easily playable...easy on fingers etc... price not a problem i can spend even 15 pounds for a set if its worth a go!

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    Well usually ppl go for D'Addario or Martin or likes, but I wud suggest Elixir Phosphor Bronze. They last at least a year with regular 2 hours daily usage, while D'Addario etc. dont hold 3 months. And sound? U cannot find a competition there. U have my word about them. Price?? $15! Check out any local store or order from They have a prety efficient delivery system, but dont know about international delivery times. Check out any major local store. Im sure u'll find em.

    A word of caution. Watch out for the G string. It breaks sometimes. Not often, but it happened a couple o times in our group. Handle with care. Peace

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