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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by vikask, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. vikask

    vikask New Member

    Hello people i am planning to buy an electric guitar on cmg Friday.
    The guitar i am going to buy is Greg Bennet Av3. Can u suggest a good amp for it. Also plz let me know if anyone has idea about hws the albertos Music Shop in malad. I called furtados they told me they just have one piece of Av3 and its for 16.5 k and alberto quoted 15 k for the same why is the difference ?
  2. flood

    flood New Member

    because one of them is cheaper.
  3. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    ^Hilarious. I say one should ask that at Furtados.

    Anyway, amplifiers? Usual suspects - Budget? Genres you (want to) play?
  4. vikask

    vikask New Member

    i am a Beginner, want to play rock
  5. theghost

    theghost New Member

    I'm gonna tell u what NOT to buy :)

    Kustom,Strangers,Marshall CD15 or any other low end marshall,any other local made crap.

    If u stay away from these u should be able to ROCK!!
  6. vikask

    vikask New Member

    and wht u think abt the Greg Bennet Av3. can u use Tremolo arm with this guitar
  7. khushalbhadra

    khushalbhadra New Member

    Vikas I am not recommending because I want to sell my amp, I have this Roland Microcube amp which is in very good condition. It has all the effects you need and its one killer small little amp.

    Now you must be wondering why I am selling the amp its bcoz I am in need of some money currently and I selling my guitar as well as Amp. Already sold my Marshall amp through this forum.

    Selling my amp Roland amp for Rs 4000. Check youtube videos for this killer amp.
  8. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    ^+1, Roland Micro Cube is good for practice and if you're not looking at performing just as yet. You didn't tell the budget, but I assume you're on 'as cheap as it gets', so best ones here are Roland Cube series and Peavy Vypyrs.

    If you really want to be cheap, I'm selling my MG10 for 2k. Just good for practice, and not quite the same league as Roland (@theghost, I agree.), but cheaper. Link -

    There's no tremolo on the AV3, and that's good. Under a rough price range of 30~40k, all tremolo arms suck. You'll be spending more time getting the thing to stay in tune than playing. And it'd be real expensive to add on one.

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