SUBMITTING- few more song's tabs (including Aapki Kashish-himesh) Njoy!

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    SUBMITTING- few more song's tabs (including Aapki Kashish-himesh) Njoy!

    hey ... i m quite diisapointed to see so fer reply's ... i m addint moree on this and shantanu thax for rectifinyin miustakes .. its really sounds better .. and vini i dint create duplicate it was mistakenly done!

    Song-- Sharabi aaknhein jo teri dekhi (old song)

    e -------------10-10----10-9-10--12-9-9---9-7--9-10-7-7--6-7-9-
    b -7--7--7--------------------------------------------------------

    Sharabi aakhnein jo teri dekhi ..sharabi ye dil ho gaya !!!!

    Sambhalo mujhko o mere yaroon sambhalna mushkil ho gaya ..!!

    i think this one is more accurate .. still correction will b welcomed


    hey friends ..
    submitting tabs of AApki kashish ..... i know first line is not so accurate but just ok ... but the second line is pretty Gud!

    e -10--8--6--8--10---10-10--8--6--8--10 (repet again)
    Aapki kashish Sarfarosrh hai aapka nasha .. yun madhosh hai ..

    b --3--5--7--9--7--5--3-2
    kya kahein tumse jaane jaan
    b 2--4-5--6-5-3 repeat again
    gum hua hosh hai
    gum hua hosh hai

    this is just the beginning i'll post the rest part very soon ..


    And aashiq banaya aapne ka bahut minute part play kiya .... utna hi bajane mein mazaa ata hai .... chack this

    the aalap in the beginning of song

    ooooooooohuooohuhuhuh...uuhuhuhuuu i hopre ur understandin this

    e ---7-6---9-7-6--4-6-7-6-4-4

    then i hav just 1 line tabbed

    tere bin sooni sooni hain bahhein tere bin pyaasi pyassi nigaheiin tere bindin asar mein riya hain tere bin tere bin

    plz reply i'll post more soon ..!!

    keep rockin .... and replyin too

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------plz give comments ......and suggestions.. in short reply dear!
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    Whats that, I thought U would post the Chords!

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