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  1. behush_nirvana

    behush_nirvana New Member

    Hey Guyz there are many posts on this songs.. So I thought of posting the version that I play...

    Here the Most imp things is the chord changing...


    Em ->779987
    D-> 557775 (Hinge D CHORD)
    C-> 335553(Hinge C CHORD)

    Em Open (EmO just used in this sng to diff b/w barr and open) -> 022000

    [Em]Tera Yakin Kyon [D]Maine Kiya Nahi [C]Tujhse Raha Kyon [EmO]Judaaaaa

    [Em]Mujh Pe Yeh Zindagi [D]Karti Rahi Sitam, [C]Tune Hi Di Hai [EmO]Panahhh

    [Em]Tera [D]Mera [C]Rishta [EmO]Puraana… (3)

    [Em]Hai [D]Kya Tadap [C]Hai Yeh Kaisi [Em/ EmO]Sazaaa
    (One who wants to end with low pitch can use Open or else barred Em)

    [Em]Tu [D]Kyun Mujhe [C]Aaj Yaad Aa [Em/ EmO]Gaya

    [Em]Bechain Din Mere [D]Bechain Raat Hai

    [C]Kya Main Karu [EmO]Kuchh Bata

    [Em]Yeh Mere Paanv Hi [D]Khud Meri Bediyaan

    [C]Uss Se Mujhe [Em]Tu Chooda

    Tera Mera Rishta Purana… (4)

    Kya Mujh Mein Hai Shaks Woh Keh Raha
    Aa Aab Main Du Karz Tera Chuka
    Aankhen Hai Num Meri, Sasein Chubhan Meri
    Zakham Huwa Pir Haara, Dil Ke Viraane Mein
    Mere Phasane Mein, Tu Hi Toh Har Dum Raha
    Tera Mera Rishta Purana… (4)

    Oh Tera Mera Rishta Purana… (2)

    This song sounds cool with barred chords... try on gguyz and lemme know
    or add on 4 mistakes
  2. behush_nirvana

    behush_nirvana New Member

    no comments 4 this sngs pal... is it correct
  3. jimmy_cool

    jimmy_cool The Coolest One!!

    i thnk whole song has open chords only...no barre chrds....nd ya the chords r perfect n in correct scale....but i personnaly use dsus2 nd d to create effect....try it out.....
  4. behush_nirvana

    behush_nirvana New Member

    Cud use any which suites your voice... Open or barred.. I use barred
  5. maaani

    maaani New Member

    gud work.. i like ur work...

    gud work ... i love ur work... keep posting.....:rock: :rock:
  6. behush_nirvana

    behush_nirvana New Member

    Thanks pal.. would surely do that once I find a good song.. Currently check out Maula Mere from Anwar... I have posted chords which I learnt frm great guitarists of IGT (Ami9 chord).. try it out.. this chord is used in Kal ho na ho too(and this chord is proved 100% accurate cos Sir Eshan (Shankar Eshan Loy) has posted it on IGT).
  7. bbbbbbbbbb

    bbbbbbbbbb New Member

    Thank you........absolutely love the song :)
  8. behush_nirvana

    behush_nirvana New Member

    true true true...
  9. rochakchauhan

    rochakchauhan New Member

    great tabs

    Nice work bro... keep it up !!
  10. lovecaron

    lovecaron New Member

    hello users....

    new to this site ...hope to have fun ahead.....
  11. behush_nirvana

    behush_nirvana New Member

    thnkx... thts not tabs those r chords...
  12. ankur_dugar

    ankur_dugar New Member

    Hey plz tel me d strumming pattern plzzzzzzzz
  13. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    Good work! and as jimmy said the song can be played on open chords not barre...

    anyways keep it up...

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