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    Hey all, My very first submission...

    I searched for this but couldnt find it... so if it's duplicate, forgive...
    I assure you, it isn't copy paste :)
    Song Title: Kaun Hai Jo Sapnon Mein Aaya
    Movie/Album Name: JHUK GAYA AASMAAN
    Singer(s): MOHAMMAD RAFI (Saab)
    Rhythm: Waltz

    E E7 Am Am
    kaun hai jo sapnon mein aaya

    F F E E
    kaun hai jo dil mein samaya

    E E7 Am Am
    lo jhuk gaya aasmaan bhi

    F G Am Am
    ishq mera rang laya

    E Dm Am E [E/ F/ E]
    o priya aaaa aaa

    o priya aaaa aaa

    Am E7 Am Am
    zindagi ke har ek mod pe main

    Dm Dm E7 E7
    geet gata chala ja raha hoon

    Am E7 Am Am
    bekhudi ka yeh aalam na poocho

    Dm Dm E7 E7
    manzilo se badha ja raha hoon

    Am F E E7
    manzilo se badha ja raha hoon

    Kaun Hai jo... and so on


    I've shown 4 chords in a line as per the bars...
    i hope you find it easy to follow

    play and enjoy!!! :D
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    wow!!! these are great chords. I can't believe no one has commented on it yet..Great job dude...i really enjoyed playing ur chords...appreciate it!!!
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    awesome...hats off!!
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    nice and sounds perfect to me...
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    Wonderful work done here! Lots of love \m/
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