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    After a long hiatus from indianguitartabs caused due to a long vacation, here is a submission for a song which I listened to just recently. I know it was released a long time back but I am a bit backdated. :eek::

    This song has some pretty good chords; probably because I am pretty sure it is lifted. Though I am not sure, from where. Once I am confident about the original source, I will update this post.

    In spite of everything, I thought it was a pretty decent composition.

    Intro (arpeggiated):
    Em... Cmaj7... Am... B7...
    Em... D... C... Bm... Am... D...
    G... G... G... G... G... G... G... G...

    haan maine maana hai saath hum to hai khushi si...
    lekin zara suno yeh raatein bhi hai nayi si...
    aisa na ho kahin yun soch lo tum yahi pyaar to
    nahin, hua yeh kab tell me is this love...
    tell me is love
    tell me is love

    Interlude #1:

    kyun kahoon main hai dil mein kya
    tu soch le to yeh tera
    ho gaya jo raaton mein kal
    jee lein wahi fir ek pal
    us pal mein hi, kho gaya sab,
    tell me is this love
    tell me is love
    tell me is love

    Interlude #2:

    abhi jaan loon zara main tujhe
    sun loon tera ikraar bhi
    chhooke tujhe dekhoon zara
    ho jayega fir pyar bhi
    mushkil magar rukna hai ab
    tell me is this love
    tell me is love
    tell me is love
  2. aishes

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    Frank Sinatra's My Way:Source for 'is this Love' by Pritam

    When I first heard this song, I was overwhelmed by its melody and chordal structure. I simply couldn't beleive that its composed by pritam. I just could'nt. Then I found out more abt Pritam and his 'insipirations'.

    Classic by Frank Sinatra: My Way, is the source for ths song. Below is youtube link to this all time classic.http://

    You'll see for yourself the basic structure is ditto, the tempo is slower in original but thats Frank Sinatra style.

  3. sheermelody

    sheermelody Pianist

    Absolutely Hersh.

    The name of the song had slipped out of my mind when I had posted this. Thanks for bringing this up.

    I think Pritam should make it a point to acknowledge his lifts - which are becoming quite numerous day by day.
  4. devilzguitar

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    can anyone post the guitar leads of this song....
  5. r7eklavya

    r7eklavya New Member

    yess guitar leads of this song..??

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