[SUB]Blood In The Apple - Motherjane

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    Hey guys, this is my ear transcribed tab of Blood In The Apple. It's not very accurate as I just started transcribing and I didn't have my guitar. I had to transcribe with guitar pro which made this kind of difficult. The tab has bass, rhythm and lead guitar stuff. Some parts are wrong I know, especially the break with the sliding thing, you'll understand. Also I didn't do the solo except the refrain like riff because it's really difficult for me without my guitar, strings gone. Otherwise I think the song is pretty accurate. I might do the solo sometime in the future and post an updated tab.
    Its a guitar pro file, if you guys want PDFs or something just ask for what you need, the rhythm, lead or bass and I'll post it.
    Hope I'm allowed to post links :p

    You might need an account for 4shared, if that's the case I'll upload it to mediafire or something on user request. The attachment stuff says the gp5 file is a wrong thingy something and I can't upload it.

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