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    i don't know how to strum when i want to play a new song.i have found lot of songs, i can play chords but i am unable to strum correctly. are there different strumming patterns. pls help me.
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    A lot of new guitarists ask that! Yes, there are lots of strumming patterns. You can learn them by two can Learn proper theory related to strumming ( you'll get lots of tutorials about strumming in IGT as well as in WWW ) There is an easier and more practical way..... Just listen to the songs you want to play, and try to play with that song.You don't have to think about the theory, just try to play with the song (atleast try to maintain the tempo). Not only it will give you a good idea about the strumming patterns and the variations and fractions, but it will also improve your overall music sense and co-ordination with other instruments like drums and Bass. One more thing, from beginning, try to sound as clean as possible; if you don't develop the habit to be clean, you'll never be able to "sound good"....
    B.O.L. :)
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    thanks sugata for all ur help , i will try playing with the song
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    You're Welcome! Njoy IGT!

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